SEANF Mandate

Rules of Procedures of The South East Asia National Human Rights Institutions Forum


Amended at the 9th Annual Meeting of the South East Asia National Human Rights Institutions Forum (SEANF)
12-14 September 2014


Recalling that the national Human Rights Commission of Indonesia (Komnas HAM), the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam), the Human Rights Commission of Philippines (CHRP) and the Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) had in 2004, Bangkok, Thailand agreed to carry out jointly or bilaterally, programmes and activities in areas of human rights of common concern and signed the ASEAN NHRIs Forum Declaration of Co-operation in Bali, Indonesia on 28th June 2007;

Confirming that at the 6th ANF Annual Meeting held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia on 11-13 November 2009, it was agreed that the consultative body be renamed as South East Asia NHRIs Forum;

Recognizing the commitment to effectively promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedom of the peoples of South East Asia Region;

We members of the SEANF hereby adopt these rules as amended.

Forum’s Name
Article 1

The name of consultative body shall be the South East Asia National Human Rights Institutions Forum (SEANF) which these Rules shall be refereed to as the forum.

Objective of the Forum
Article 2

  1. The general objective of the Forum is to organize itself as a regional mechanism for the effective promotion, protection and fulfillmenrt of human rights of the peoples of South East Asia region;
  2. For the purpose outlined in article 2(a) the Forum shall have the following functions:
    1. Formulate policies, strategies and prgrammes;
    2. Make rules in connection with any policy
    3. Promote co-operation and joint activity among members and with intergovernmental an govermental institutions and other relevant organisations;
    4. Encourage goverments of South East Asia region, other relevant organisations, in particular AICHR, and individual to participate in meeting of, or project arranged by the Forum;
    5. Encourage goverments to become parties to core international human rights instrument and harmonize domestic laws to these instruments: and on this basis, SEANF will take initiatives in forging regional standards and conventions;
    6. Consider and adopt or otherwise deal with the reports of any member on any issue of human rights of common concern;
    7. Undertake such activities that are conducive to attaining the Forum’s objectives; including taking collective positions on issues off gross human rights violations within and outside the region.

Article 3

Founding members of the Forum are the national Human Rights Commission of Indonesia (Komnas HAM), the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam), the Human Rights Commission of Philippines (CHRP) and the Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT).

Admission of New Members
Article 4

  1. The Forum may admit any National Human Rights Institution in the South East Asia region as member of the Forum;
  2. Every application for membership must be proposed by one and seconded by another member aof the Forum;
  3. The applicant must manifest discernible efforts in the direction of compliance with the Paris Principles;
  4. The Forum must at the next Annual Conference consider the application and decide whether to admit or reject the admission of the applicant;
  5. The Forum may, at its dicretion, defer the consideration of an application for membership.

Independence of Members
Article 5

Notwithstanding what is herein contained, the independence of authority and national status of the members of the Forum, and their powers, duties and functions shall in no way be affected by the establishment of this Forum or by any provision contained in these Rules.

Chairperson of the Forum
Article 6

  1. The Forum Chairperson shall be the chairperson of the Human Rights Commission that hosts the Annual Conference;
  2. The Chairperson shall hold office for a term beginning from date of the conclusion of the last Annual Conference and ending on the date of the conclusion of the following conference;
  3. The member that hosts the Annual Conference is responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Forum;
  4. The Chairperson of the Forum may invite or grant the request any person, representative of other National Institution, governmental and nongovernmental organisation, or other relevant organisation to attend and take part in the Annual Conference or any of its other meetings. Such person or representative of such institution or organisation may speak with permission of the Chairperson but not participate in any decision.

Annual Conference and Meeting
Article 7

  1. The Chairperson of the member that hosts the Annual Conference shall in consultation with the other members determine the date of the conference and preside as chairperson of the conference. If for any reason the Chairperson ins unable to do so, he or she shall nominate any member of the commission to preside over the conference;
  2. The Forum shall convene an Anuual Conference composed of all members in each calendar year, the venue of which shall be rotated among the member countries in alphabetical order;
  3. The Conference shall address such issues as determined by the Chairperson in consultation with members of the Forum;
  4. Decision at the Annual Conference or any meeting of the Forum shall be by consensus. Should no consensus be achieved, the relevant motion or resolution shall lapse;
  5. The Forum shall hold such other meetings upon request in writing by any member on a date and venue to be determined by the Chairperson of the Forum to address any issues as requested by such member;
  6. All expenses for attending the Annual Conference and meetings of the Forum shall be borne by the respective members.

Duties of the Forum Members
Article 8

  1. To abide by the rules of SEANF and implement the programme and policies of SEANF within its own national constituency;
  2. To positively respond to the request for support from SEANF members when necessary, especially with respect to capacity building and strenghtening in compliance with the Paris Principles;
  3. In emergency situation when a member finds itself unable to carry out its normal function, upon request of the member concerned, SEANF must collectively help and support the member with appropriate measures.

Working Language of the Forum
Article 9

The working language of the Forum shall be English

Adoption and Amendment
Article 10

These Rules shall come into force on adoption by members of the Forum and shall remain in force until amended by the Forum and can be amended by the Forum as required.

Matters not Covered by the Rule
Article 11

Any matter which is not covered by these Rules may be determined by members of the Forum.