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Promoting ESCR and Right to Development

Overview of the Project

The project entitled, "4 ASEAN NIs and ESCR Enhancement via People's Engagement and Empowerment through Rights-based Activities (ESCR-PEER)," is spearheaded by the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.

The project aims to reinforce the learning processes linking human rights values and experiences to internal value and legal system. It also assists in building knowledge and capacity developmental processes for national institution's officials to improve their performance in association with political, economical and social situation in national and international levels. The 4 objectives are as the follows:

  1. To promote the concept of participatory processes focusing on ESC Rights in the pilot area along the Andaman coast. These provinces are facing the economic, social and cultural changes caused by Governments' developmental policies (man-made disaster) and natural disasters such as Tsunami.
  2. To organize workshops and review lessons learned from experiences of "Networking the ESCR CBOs and CSOs" including link the related implementation to the existing mechanisms such as the 2008 Civil Society Council Act.
  3. To upgrade the quality of local activities and find the appropriate methods to peacefully solving conflicts by balancing the concepts of economic growth and human rights including encourage the Government and other related sectors to apply human rights standard into their regular work.
  4. To improve related skills and attitude of NHRCT's staff members including those of NIs from 3 countries.
  • 11 January - international human trafficking awareness day
  • 20 February - world day of social justice
  • March - international women's month
  • 8 March - international women's day
  • 21 March - international day for the elimination of racial discrimination
  • 4 April - international day for mine awareness and assistance in mine action
  • 7 April - world health day
  • 3 May - world press freedom day
  • 15 May - international day of families
  • 17 May - international day against homophobia and transphobia
  • 21 May - world day of cultural diversity for dialogue and development
  • 5 June - world environment day
  • 20 June - world refugee day
  • 26 June - International Day In Support Of Victims Of Torture
  • 11 July - world population day
  • 9 August - international day of the world's indigenous people
  • 12 August - international humanitarian law day
  • 12 August - International Youth Day
  • 30 August - international day of victims of enforced disappearance
  • 8 September - international literacy day
  • 21 September - international day of peace
  • 1 October - international day for older persons/seniors
  • 2 October - international day of nonviolence
  • 11 October - international day of the girl child
  • 13 October - international day for disaster reduction
  • 17 October - international day for the eradication of poverty
  • 20 November - universal children's day
  • 1 December - world AIDS day
  • 3 December - international day of disabled persons
  • 10 December - international human rights day
  • 18 December - international migrant day