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Exchange of Information on Combating Terrorism

Regional FGD on Terrorism Conducted in Jakarta

image courtesy of freethoughts.orgThe South East Asian NHRI Forum (SEANF) is undertaking a regional study on the human rights aspect of the implementation of the ASEAN Convention on Counter Terrorism and national laws on Human Security. The study will lead to measures on ensuring human rights protection while suppressing terrorism in the region.

Professor Enny Soeprapto, former Human Rights Commissioner of Komnas HAM (National Human Rights Institution of Indonesia), stressed this at the Regional Focus Group Discussion on Counter Terrorism by Respecting Human Rights (Preventive Legislation and Its Impact on Human Rights) in Indonesia. Participated by a number of academics and practitioners of intelligence, the FGD is part of the on-going study as a project of the SEANF. Komnas HAM is the lead or focal NHRI in the thematic issue of terrorism.

The issue on terrorism and human rights are concerns of the international community. Likewise, the United Nations Human Rights Council (UN-HRC) strongly condemns and encourages the efforts of community protection from terrorism. The UN-HRC is placing the protection of human rights, especially the right to life, as a priority. Aspects of human rights protection should always be considered in the context of efforts to combat terrorism.

Professor Soeprapto earlier suggested to SEANF to recommend to the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) for the adoption of a Supplementary Protocol to the ASEAN Convention on Counter Terrorism, which would ensure respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms amidst the implementation of measures for the prevention and suppression of terrorism by the respective Governments within the Region.

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